Romanian Medical Journal | Vol. 70, No. 1, Year 2023
ISSN 1220-5478  |  e-ISSN 2069-606X
ISSN-L 1220-5478
DOI: 10.37897/RMJ


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CONTENTS  Vol. 70, No. 1, 2023
Current Issue – online first 

The impact of thrombocytosis on the long term outcomes in relapsed ovarian cancer

Irina Balescu, Nicolae Bacalbasa, Iulian Brezean, Claudia Stoica, Cezar Laurentiu Tomescu, Cristina Martac, Andrei Voichitoiu, Bogdan Gaspar
[ full article ] — Ref: Ro Med J. 2023;70(1). DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2023.1.6« cite »

Allergy skin testing with nonirritating concentrations of anaesthetic agents

Florin-Dan Popescu, Nadia Onitiu-Gherman, Maria Caraghiulea, Carmen Saviana Ganea, Mariana Preda, Ana Maria Alexandra Stanescu
[ full article ] — Ref: Ro Med J. 2023;70(1). DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2023.1.1« cite »

Regenerative Medicine Options in Treating Premature Ovarian Failure

Roxana-Elena Busuioc, Dan Nicolae Paduraru, Ana Maria Alexandra Stanescu, Didina Catalina Barbalata, Florentina Musat, Octavian Andronic, Andreea Ruxandra Albu
[ full article ] — Ref: Ro Med J. 2023;70(1). DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2023.1.9« cite »

Evaluation of metabolic control and chronic complications in a cohort of patients admitted to the County Emergency Hospital Braila

Cristiana Voineag, Gabriela Radulian, Bianca Demetra Postolache, Nicolae Popescu
[ full article ] — Ref: Ro Med J. 2023;70(1). DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2023.1.2« cite »

The use of antioxidants in the treatment of Graves’ Disease: evaluating the results

Vladyslava Oleksandrivna Ostapchuk, Vadym Andriiovych Ostapchuk, Oleksandr Viktorovich Shidlovskyi, Michael Ivanovich Sheremet
[ full article ] — Ref: Ro Med J. 2023;70(1). DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2023.1.3« cite »

Diabetes Mellitus in the Internal Medicine Department of the Regional Hospital in Peja January to December, 2021

Besarta Pelaj
[ full article ] — Ref: Ro Med J. 2023;70(1). DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2023.1.4« cite »

Is measuring serum ammonia helpful in patients with liver cirrhosis?

Ioan-Cristian Lupescu, Maria Speranta Iacob, L. Gheorghe
[ full article ] — Ref: Ro Med J. 2023;70(1). DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2023.1.7« cite »

Therapeutical protocol in otitis seromucosa

Radmila Anca Bugari, Sorin Baschir, Luminita Turcin, Dana Simona Chita, Dana Zdremtan, Ioana Floarea, Afilon Jompan, Alexandru Chioreanu
[ full article ] — Ref: Ro Med J. 2023;70(1). DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2023.1.8« cite »

Bone marrow metastasis of breast cancer and chronic lymphocytic leukemia: A coincidence

Rahmat Cahyanur, Agus Kosasih, Leovinna Widjaja, Marini Stephanie, Agnes Stephanie Harahap, Harits Adi Putra
[ full article ] — Ref: Ro Med J. 2023;70(1). DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2023.1.5« cite »




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