Romanian Medical Journal | Vol. 70, No. 3, Year 2023
ISSN 1220-5478  |  e-ISSN 2069-606X
ISSN-L 1220-5478
DOI: 10.37897/RMJ


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National Awards “Science and Research”

NEW! RMJ has announced the annually National Award for "Science and Research" for the best scientific articles published throughout the year in the official journal.

ICMJE- Recommendations

Read the Recommendations for the Conduct, Reporting, Editing, and Publication of Scholarly work in Medical Journals.

Promoting Global Health

The published medical research literature is a global public good. Medical journal editors have a social responsibility to promote global health by publishing, whenever possible, research that furthers health worldwide.

National Awards for “Science and Research”

Romanian Medical Association and the Romanian Medical Journal annually offers the National Award for "Science and Research" - for the best and most accessed scientific articles published throughout the year in the official journal.

The award is a recognition of merit in medical scientific literature. The scientific articles published during the previous year are reviewed, selected and awarded by the Editorial Board.
The award is in the form of a Certificate and is given to the lead author in electronic format.

2021 Awards:

» "Psychological factors influencing delayed diagnosis for breast cancer patients"
Mara Jidveian Popescu
, Otilia-Elena Surdu, Maria Daniela Tanasescu, Irina Nita, Loredana Sabina Cornelia Manolescu, Adela Ciobanu
DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2021.1.11 - [ certificate ]

» "Modern considerations on the predisposing factors in the etiopathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus"
Ionica-Mariana Radulescu
, Mihail Alecu, Laura Ion, Cosmin Moldovan
DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2021.1.4 - [ certificate ]

» "Pregnancy implanted in the scar of caesarean section and the role of the general practitioner"
Ana Maria Alexandra Stanescu
, Ioana Veronica Grajdeanu, Gabriel Cristian Bejan, Liviu Nicolae Ghilencea, Mihaela Adela Iancu, Anca Angela Simionescu
DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2021.2.8 - [ certificate ]

» "Association between pelvic exenteration and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy for rectal cancer"
Nicolae Bacalbasa
, Irina Balescu, Adnan Al Alou
DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2021.2.4 - [ certificate ]

» "Update of cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy in patients with diabetes"
Andra-Elena Nica
, Carmen Dobjanschi, Oana Andreea Parliteanu, Emilia Rusu, Gabriela Radulian
DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2021.2.6 - [ certificate ]

» "The relationship between serotonine, histamine and the brain`s electrical activity in patients with depression and endocrine disorders"
Oana-Maria Nicola (Marioara)
, Alice Elena Ghenea, Cristina-Nicoleta Vladoianu, Mara Carsote, Mihaela Popescu
DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2021.2.22 - [ certificate ]

» "Thyroid dysfunction in the patient with acute coronary syndrome"
Eleonora Dragan
, Maria Suzana Guberna, Catalina Liliana Andrei, Crina-Julieta Sinescu
DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2021.2.18 - [ certificate ]

» "A retrospective of surgical pathology, care problems specific to oncological and non-oncological cases, in a year of the COVID-19 pandemic"
Mirela Mariana Valcan
, Petru Mihancea, Bogdan Buhas
DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2021.2.24 - [ certificate ]

» "Possible association between type 2 diabetes mellitus and Hashimoto`s autoimmune thyroiditis – final results"
Oana-Andreea Parliteanu
, Dan-Mircea Cheta
DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2021.2.17 - [ certificate ]

» "Prevalence of depression among physicians: A comprehensive meta-analysis"
Andreea Raluca Adam
, Florinda Tinela Golu
DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2021.3.1 - [ certificate ]

» "Therapeutic principles in upper limb trauma"
Andreea Grosu-Bularda
, Florin-Vlad Hodea, Liviu-Petre Cojocaru, Alexandru Stoian, Flavia-Francesca Lita, Serban Arghir Popescu et al.
DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2021.3.2 - [ certificate ]

» "Correlation between NT-proBNP, hsCRP and OXSR1: Clinical relevance in evaluating the prognosis of polytrauma patients"
Costin Dumitru
, Alexandra Ripszky Totan, Iulia-Ioana Stanescu-Spinu, Daniela Miricescu, Maria Greabu
DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2021.3.12 - [ certificate ]

» "Adrenal surgery amid COVID-19 pandemic"
Florica Sandru
, Mihai Cristian Dumitrascu, Razvan Cosmin Petca, Claudia Mehedintu, Mara Carsote
DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2021.4.1 - [ certificate ]

» "Management of hospitalized patients diagnosed with alcohol withdrawal syndrome"
Mirela Tiglis
, Andrei Niculae, Tiberiu Paul Neagu, Ileana Peride, Ioana Marina Grintescu
DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2021.4.9 - [ certificate ]

» "Neurodevelopmental outcome in children with a prenatal diagnosis of agenesis of corpus callosum"
Elisa Nica
, Mihai Mitran, Bogdan Marinescu
DOI: 10.37897/RMJ.2021.4.18 - [ certificate ]